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Tech Group: Skills for Care Digital Summit

posted Nov 7, 2013, 4:38 AM by Kay Heritage

Skills for Care are organising a summit with the Department of Health next Spring to produce a strategy for digital working and learning in the context of workforce development in the Social Care Sector. We want to engage with employers from the outset for the development of this strategy and this will take the form of three face to face meetings and virtual networking. 


We're looking for your help to identify employers across the full range of sectors and settings using the following criteria:


1. Deliver social care services to adults

2. Innovative and keen users of technology across either one or a combination of the following: e-learning, ongoing service delivery (e.g. use of technology on a day to day basis to deliver services) and / or innovative and keen user of assisted living technologies.

3. Have a keen interest in seeing digital literacy move further up the agenda - so really looking for employers who are passionate about the use of technology 

4. Employers who are keen to engage with Skills for Care.


The issue of digital capability amongst social care staff is becoming an increasingly important aspect of workforce development as we see the use of technology to complement face to face services, improve recording and communications and deliver learning.


Skills for Care are working with partners on a digital learning and working summit to take place in early 2014. As part of this, it's important to think about current confidence, skills and abilities in using digital technology among the social care workforce. To help build our understanding of workforce capability in this area we're in the process of commissioning research with employers and staff that is aimed at determining this. 


From the outset of this work we want to involve employers who are working with digital technologies to help deliver services on a day to day basis (e.g. staff using smart phones, tablets etc.), those using technology to deliver learning and others using technology with people in need of care and support.


We aim to work with employers to help inform the research, the summit and our future strategic direction in this area. This will take the form of up to three face to face meetings and virtual contact.


It’s a great opportunity to work together to help move forward and hope you’re interested in taking part. Please get in touch for more information about this work.

How to get involved:

Unfortunately the deadline for the Skills for Care Digital Summit mentioned above has been reached.

There is a very tight deadline to get involved in this summit meeting, however at LSCP we are in the process of forming a group of employers from the social care sector who are keen to get involved with technology. Once registered, you will receive emails about the latest developments, ideas and meetings around Information Technology in a Social Care setting, you will also be invited to attend steering groups and meetings relating to upcoming projects and developments.