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WDF 2014/15 Funding Request Form now Available

posted Jan 23, 2014, 2:55 AM by Andrew Clements

If your organisation would like to claim funds for the next WDF Contract (2014/15) please complete the Funding Request Survey to let us know estimations of how many claims you hope to make, these requests will be submitted to the Department of Health so that we can accurately draw down enough funding for our Partnership Organisations. To access the Funding Request Survey please click the link below.

Click here to complete the Funding Request Survey

Some additional info we currently have about our next WDF Contract:

The 2014/15 Workforce Development Fund contract will begin from mid April 2014 and will run until March 31st 2015, during this period we will be accepting Unit Evidence Claims dated between 1st January 2014 and 31st March 2015. There are a couple of minor changes to this years contract as follows:

  • Learner Credit Cap
    Each learner will now only be able to claim 50 credits (£750.00) per contract. In the rare instances that a learner is working towards more than 50 credits as part of a qualification, effective workforce planning will need to be implemented to spread the claims of these units over two contracts using different types of claim evidence, for further information please contact LSCP on (0151) 270 1703.
  • Equitable Sharing Policy
    As seen during the end of our 2013/14 contract, Skills for Care have prioritised the equitable sharing of funds throughout the sector, implementing an intelligence based sharing algorithm. This will have a number of effects on the claiming procedure:
    • Credits will now only be submitted to Skills for Care during set milestone dates throughout the year, this will mean that the returns and payments of credits may take slightly longer depending on when they are submitted, but will allow us to use a more predictable timescale, enabling employers to maximise the timescales required for evidence gathering.
    • Credits will be submitted as part of an equitable sharing algorithm so that claims throughout the North West of England are granted on:
      • Size of Organisation
      • Eligibility of NMDS-SC Data
      • Registration with our Partnership
      • Number of Claims Submitted for Funding
      • A variable maximum claim limit will be implemented on a per establishment basis
    • In order to maximise claims for your organisation, if you plan to submit claims for multiple establishments we highly recommend you ensure your NMDS structure represents this. Attempting to claim all units through one 'Head Office' NMDS-SC ID# may result in less funds being granted for your organisation.
  • We understand that in the Social Care Sector not all organisations are the same, if you believe these guidelines will cause any difficulties for your organisation please contact LSCP directly to discuss further.