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Workforce Development Fund Update (Variation 13/14)

posted Nov 18, 2013, 4:58 AM by Kay Heritage   [ updated Dec 19, 2013, 9:03 AM ]
This year we have seen an unprecedented increase in the number of Workforce Development Fund (WDF) claims we have received at the Liverpool Social Care Partnership, during each contract when we reach the half way point, we are offered an opportunity to increase or decrease the amount of funding which has been allocated to us as a partnership so we can accurately fulfill our contract, this year we requested that our funding should be increased.

Thankfully, we were allocated a small increase of funding, however it was not the full amount which we had requested and we suspect that this year, we will have expended all of our WDF funding before the contract end date.

As of 15/11/13 we have just over £80,000.00 of funding remaining.

What does this mean?
This means that if you want to claim WDF, you will need to do so as soon as possible, we will be making some revisions to how we distribute the remaining funds (detailed below) but as a partnership we must ensure that we continue to hit the allocated milestones set out by Skills for Care.

We recommend that claims should be submitted before 1st January 2014 to enable the best possible chance of being granted funding.

What can I do if the funding runs out?
Unfortunately WDF is not a guaranteed fund and if we run out of funding any claims submitted after that point will not be granted.

What if I need WDF to pay my training provider?
We are aware that across the Northwest, a number of training providers are asking employers to offset the costs of training with WDF, this is not something we would advise. If WDF funding is not granted, as a care provider it will be your responsibility to fund the costs of training as outlined in your training agreement, regardless of whether WDF is granted or not. Please note that LSCP & Skills for Care do not endorse this method of using WDF.

My evidence wont be ready until 2014!
We understand that because some training providers work on an academic calendar, the internal verification of units sometimes does not take place until after the Christmas Holidays. We will be setting aside a small amount of funding which will enable select organisations to claim towards the end of the contract. If your organisation has previously claimed earlier in the contractual year (1st Jan 2013 - 31st March 2014) you will not be eligible for this provision.

My NMDS-SC isn't up to date yet!
Don't worry, moving forward we will be prioritising funding to ensure that as many organisations as possible are able to access the fund, the following limitations will be implemented as of 01/11/13:
  • Claims for WDF will be limited per organisation so that the amount of funds currently available is equitably shared, with the remaining claims added to our database and held on a waiting list, this limit will be activated retrospectively to include units which have been previously claimed throughout the year. Additional claims will automatically be sent on your behalf once we hit specific milestones until the total of your submitted claim has been ratified or the WDF funds available have expired.
  • Partnership milestones will be achieved when new organisations join the partnership, claims which are being held on the database will be progressed and submitted for funding. This will allow us to spread the funding out more evenly across the different care providers in the region whilst maintaining a first come / first serve policy.
  • Newly registered organisations will be able to claim a small allowance without entering the waiting list, after that, the remaining claims will be added to the waiting list.
  • When possible we will try to ensure that claims are processed in a first come first serve basis, whilst normalising claims across all registered organisations to fairly distribute funds across the region.
  • Prioritised claims will be sorted by organisation, not by establishment.
  • Claims which use poor quality evidence may not be entered onto the waiting list, you will be contacted regarding the issues with your evidence submission, however it is the care providers responsibility to ensure that all evidence submissions meet the relevant criteria.
We understand that these limitations will be frustrating for providers who were hoping to claim large amounts of funding, but our contractual obligation with Skills for Care is to ensure that funds are distributed evenly and fairly.

What can I do to increase my chances of being granted funding?
  • Submit your claim as early as possible
  • Ensure your evidence is of high quality (more info)
    • Please note: please make sure any hand written information is clearly legible, any evidence which is undecipherable may be rejected.
  • Ask your training provider to provide a list of units which you will expect to claim - this will allow us to effectively plan and where possible, implement temporary ring-fencing of funds.
  • Ensure your Membership Declaration Form and BACS form have been submitted, and your NMDS-SC data is fully eligible
  • Submit unit evidence as soon as you have it available, do not wait to send a large batch of units together.
  • When possible, submit unit evidence via email to