Promoting Dignity In Care

At Liverpool Social Care Partnership we have been working with a number of Liverpool based Social Care Employers, Liverpool City Council and the Northwest Dignity Group to develop a number of dignity resources that can be used locally to promote, audit and ensure that dignity is upheld throughout Liverpool. This project started with the development of a Dignity Charter, and has now lead to the production of a number of toolkits, available free for employers which can be downloaded below.

Be sure to checkout the Department of Health's website for the latest in Dignity News:

Become a Dignity Champion!
If you are thinking about becoming a Dignity Champion but you're not sure what to expect, take a look at this document which outlines the qualities, roles and duties of a Dignity Champion, to sign up visit the Dignity in Care website

Dignity Game
Click here to access the Dignity Game which was developed by Cumbria County Council for the Northwest Dignity Leads Network.

Dignity Quiz Resource
You can use this Dignity Quiz to ensure that all of your staff are practising Dignity in their work! You can download the quiz here.

Dignity Animation
A new dignity animation released on YouTube by NWDignityLeads, the video can be found here.

Dignity Audit Toolkit Downloads

The Dignity Audit Toolkits were developed as a quick and simple document designed to promote dignity and provide a template for organisations to check that dignity is being upheld within the work they do.

What is a Dignity Audit?
A Dignity Audit is a simple exercise, prompted by questions and advice within our Dignity Audit Toolkit, to analyse the care you provide and the amount of dignity and respect which your organisation provides. From the audit you can note any actions or ideas you may have for future developments around dignity.

Why is there multiple toolkits?
Depending on the type and size of your organisation, certain types of toolkit may not be relevant to you, we understand that it can be difficult to complete a corporate questionnaire if you are a small provider with 5 staff. We hope that providing a customised toolkit for the different types of care environments we can prevent wasted time looking over questions that aren't relevant to you. 

Emma Hawkins - Poem

Your early, she said 
Thats ok as long as i do my time isn't it?
I had those clothes on yesterday, she said
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I need a shower, she said
Yer you stink don’t you?
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Your bossy aren't you?
Can I have some more milk in my tea please, she said
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I ask for Brown toast, she said
What's the difference?
Sorry, she said
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*door slams*

Am I really a pain, she said