Social Care Technology Based Innovation

We are looking for Care Providers across Liverpool who would be interested in working with LSCP to develop innovative technology solutions and ideas to help improve the quality of care which is currently being delivered. Traditionally when talking about using technology in care, the focus has usually been around using electronic documentation rather than old paper based systems. But with this pilot group we're looking at different, innovative approaches which will directly integrate with the standard of care being delivered. 

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We have been working closely with Liverpool City Council and local technology / solutions organisations such to better understand the specific issues that people delivering care are faced with on a daily basis. We then discuss these issues with a number of tech industry experts to see if there are any interesting solutions that could be applied.

This isn't about implementing new technological systems that are difficult to understand and take too much time to use effectively. Simplicity and adaptability are at the foundation of what we are hoping to develop, and we already have a number of ideas that we'd like to try out.

But ultimately you, as a care provider, are the intended target audience and that's why we think that your opinion is the most important. There's no fees for joining this programme and no obligations to attend, we simply want your feedback on the ideas we have, and if possible, to try them out during your service delivery to see how effectively they work when being used by grassroots care delivery staff.

Ideally, we are looking for a wide and varied group of care providers, with different levels of comfort when using technology. You don't need any background experience or learning around technology and it doesn't matter what type of service delivery you are involved with. We will want to ask you a couple of questions about the service you currently deliver, specifically in regards to the type of technology which is made available to your staff and the procedures you currently have place around using this technology, so that we can better tailor our solutions without asking providers to change anything.

What to expect in the future

As new ideas and projects are brought into development you will be contacted with a brief outline of the project, what kind of feedback is required and any requirements if applicable. You will then be invited take part in the development of the project through online communications and by attending events or meetings.

If you're interested and would like to be involved in future events, please fill in the form below or call 0151 270 1703.

Care Tech Group Registration

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a term we have been using a lot when looking at new ways to revolutionise the way we use technology in a social care setting. The following blog post by Citrus Suite explains what gamification is, Citrus Suite have also provided an infographic looking at some of the advantages of gamification.

Commercialisation through Gamification

More and more social care providers are beginning to look at commercialisation in a new light, government funding is being pulled back and further cuts are to be expected over coming years. Recently, one of the top 100 websites in the world,, showed us how gamification often falls hand in hand with commercialisation and when faced with the challenge of how to raise funds to keep the site running, they implemented a number of transparent gamified solutions to encourage the users to participate in raising funds for the site.

Reddit, allowed users to buy 'reddit gold' for each other, which would offer marginal benefits such as access to a 'members only' section of the website, importantly these benefits offered little or no additional cost to the running of the website. Later they added a 'daily reddit gold goal' allowing users to see how many donations are required each day to keep the site running.

This level of transparency and the process of gamifying methods of fundraising (including later allowing users to name webservers) was very successful. The results were impressive, not only did the site regularly reach it's target goal, but celebrities and organisations using the site now had a way to raise brand awareness whilst donating to the running of the website.

Gamification is a methodology of understanding what the user requires to remain engaged with a task and feel a sense of achievement. These methodologies can be easily adapted to situations to solve long-standing social care problems such as workforce development and commercialisation, not just on website but in real life situations through the integration of technology into our daily roles within the social care industry.