Liverpool Registered Managers Network

Liverpool Registered Managers Network is a part of a national programme, supported by the Department of Health, to help Registered Managers in their roles as lead professionals in social care settings.

Registered Managers, commonly the lead professionals in homecare and care home settings, have a pivotal leadership role. The White Paper, Caring for our future: reforming care and support, recognised the particularly important impact that they have on people’s experience of care and support and the need to provide more support for them to combat the isolation that they can sometimes feel.

The White Paper identified strong leadership as fundamental to the provision of high-quality care and essential to the delivery of all its proposals.

Registered Managers Networks are an opportunity for managers from the same geographical area to meet up and work towards improved quality. They also work as a communication point for those who can shape the sector, such as regulators and commissioners, and for local stakeholders.

Topics for discussions at networking meetings are shaped by the Registered Managers themselves, so attendees will always find attending beneficial.

The purpose of the registered managers’ local network is to support registered managers to improve the quality of their services. This will be achieved by offering:

  • Peer support
  • Sharing of good practice in a structured way 
  • Contributions from those who can assist with the quality agenda e.g. CQC
  • Support from Skills for Care on workforce development

To download a copy of the Terms of Reference for the group please click here
Liverpool Registered Managers Network

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Our most recent meeting took place virtually through Zoom on Thursday 27th May 2021.
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