Get Involved with the Liverpool Social Care Revolution!

posted Jun 20, 2013, 8:31 AM by Kay Heritage   [ updated Nov 13, 2019, 7:06 AM by Rebecca Barker ]

As you may know, here at LSCP we are keen to look at developing technologies and to ask the question 'How can that work in Social Care'? Well our friend Max Zadow has arranged an event to discuss that question further and look at what is on offer in Liverpool. You can read more about the event here:

Max has kindly offered us a bit more background information on this event, which is below:

Hi All,

There is a really good chance you have been sent something about this already, but this is going out because we have put updated details on the Eventbrite page.

Just to clarify this event will have some speakers announcing some interesting projects and then a chance to network with the speakers and audience (who will include some interested Venture Capitalists).

This is about an event on the 25th of June. More details are on here (including a running order). This has been added to substantially.

You may be aware of the Mi project. As part of this there is to going to be a Liverpool Vision eHealth Cluster you are going to be asked to join. There will be a more formal announcement of this later, but in the meantime we have decided we couldn't let the Accelerate business event go by without a fringe event aimed at our sector. There are some very exciting developments we can begin to discuss. 

Please register on the Eventbrite page. It should be possible to turn up on the day, but we would like an idea of numbers.

If this goes over the 40, we can issue a few more tickets. Also you can risk turning up on the day, but if we go up to the fire-safety limits we will have to turn-people away.

Feel free to contact me at


Max Zadow