How to Complete a WDF Partnership Form

posted Apr 12, 2013, 6:57 AM by Kay Heritage   [ updated Nov 13, 2019, 7:06 AM by Rebecca Barker ]
To register for Workforce Development Funding you will need to complete a ‘WDF Partnership Membership Form 2012/2013”. Firstly you will need to download a copy of the form, it is best to download this form directly from the Skills for Care website to ensure that you have the most up to date version of the form. You can download the form from this website:

At the time of writing this post the most up to date version is v1.1 and can be downloaded by clicking here.

Once the form has been downloaded you will need to open the .PDF file withAdobe Acrobat Reader. There are other .PDF reading software packages available, however if you wish to use electronic signatures it is advised that you use the Adobe software.

Once the document has been opened you will see something like this:

It is important that you read this document thoroughly before attempting to sign as there are a number of agreements that are being made by signing and submitting this document to join a Partnership. Once you have read through the document and you are happy to proceed you may begin entering your data as required.

The first piece of data in the top right corner of the document is the NMDS-SC ID Number, as shown here:

Your NMDS-SC ID is possibly the most important piece of information contained in this document. Skills for Care will need this identification number to ensure that you have adequately updated your National Minimum Data Set to reach the minimum 90% completion in order to obtain Workforce Development Funding. Failure to supply this number will result in your application for membership being denied.

Generally these numbers begin with a letter (usually F) followed by 5 or 6 numerical digits. If you have not yet obtained an NMDS-SC ID then you shouldvisit the NMDS website and register. If in doubt you may call the NMDS helpdesk on 0845 873 0129.

The rest of the information is fairly self explanatory, please note that the Name of our partnership is the Greater Merseyside Care Partnership.

You may also enter secondary address details which will be used as your preferred contact information. This may be helpful if you are registering an establishment but would still prefer all communication to go through a head office.

If you have multiple establishments which you would like to register for membership, there are additional pages provided (example below) which allow you to enter the basic information required to register these establishments (Name or Establishment, NMDS-SC ID and the address of the establishment. If you do not have multiple establishments you may ignore all but the first page.

Once you reach the bottom of the first page you will notice that there is a space for a signature, and when you hover over this space with your mouse it will say “Click here to Sign”, as shown below. 

Please note that at this point you may prefer to print off the document and sign it with ink by hand. This can then be sent via post to:

Liverpool Social Care Partnership,

C/O Crossroads Care

5 De Havilland Drive

Estuary Business Park


L24 8RN 

Alternatively you could scan the document back on to your computer and email it to:

OR you may fax your Partnership Form to 0151 427 7044. 

However, with this new version of the Partnership Form there is also the option to digitally sign the form with an encrypted code, to do this you will need to click on the signature portion of the form, the following window will appear:

If you have not done this process before you will need to click “A New Digital ID I want to create now”, then click Next.

You will be given a number of options about what type of Digital Signature you would like to create, we recommend you choose the PKCS#12 Digital ID File for maximum compatibility. Once selected, click Next.

Next you will need to enter all of your information.

The bottom three parts of this form (“Enable Unicode Support”, “Key Algorythm”, “Use digital ID for:”) do not need to be changed. Once this form is completed click Next.

You will now be asked where you would like to save your digital ID file. If you are unsure where to save this file you can leave the default location provided, however be sure to make a note of this location for future reference!

Be sure to choose a password you will remember and then click Finish. The “Sign Document” window will appear.

From this window you have the option of selecting one of the Digital ID’s that are registered to your computer (or creating a new one!). Enter your password and then press the “Sign” button when ready. You also have the option to Lock Document After Signing. This is advised in most cases but be sure that you have fully completed the document before selecting this option!

Once this is done the signature portion of the document will look something similar to my signature below:

You may close the document and attach it into an email to:

Your application will be received and registered with Skills for Care, if there are any issues you will be contacted. For more information you can contact John on 0151 427 7044.