Partnership Meeting - October 2013

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Firstly, a big thanks to those who attended the Partnership Meetings yesterday!

Meeting Minutes

Liverpool Social Care Partnership
October 1st 2013 

Lowlands, Haymans Green, West Derby, Liverpool, L12 7JG
(0151) 270 1703 - - 

Meeting Details

Venue: Lowlands, West Derby, Liverpool, L12 7JG

Start Time: 10:00AM 1st October 2013
End Time: 16:00PM 1st October 2013 

This meeting has been merged with the Safeguarding Focus Group Meeting and the Dignity Locality Forum



Ann Garvey



Bianca Cooke



Barry Fearnehough

Liverpool City Council


Collette Delacoe

Liverpool City Council


Carolyn Goble



Jan Howard



Jon Kerr

Skills for Care


Jenny Lloyd

Autism Initiatives


Jenny Mason



Karen Caffrey



Karen Martin

Liverpool City Council


Katie Quinn



Marie Jones

Liverpool City Council


Claire Stephens - Liverpool Mental Health Consortium, Dawn Carroll - House of Memories

Previous Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were distributed via email and website. All members agree and approve that the minutes presented were an
accurate representation of the meeting which took place on 10th July 2013

Ann Garvey - Ann Garvey Consultancy

Since leaving Liverpool City Council AG has founded a service to provide cleaning and general maintenance either on a regular basis or as a one off 'deep clean'. All staff have completed pre-employment training which mirrors the common induction standards, in addition to professional cleaning standards, offering an understanding the challenges and values often found in the care sector. A strong focus has been put on staff flexibility to meet service user needs and wants making it much more than just a cleaning service. 

If you would like to contact AG to discuss further please call 07935 213 629. Website and further contact information will soon be available.

Jan Howard - End of Life Training

JH is a trainer and organiser of the free End of Life training sessions which LSCP piloted over the summer. Jan joined us to give a brief overview of the evaluation document which is currently being worked on, discussing the success of the training and the outcomes which have been achieved.

JH also announced that another free 4 day End of Life training session will be available in November:

November End of Life Training

11th November 2013 - 09:30 – 13:30            1 MANAGER
18th November 2013 - 09:30 – 16:30            1 SUPPORT WORKER
25th November 2013 - 09:30 – 16:30            1 SUPPORT WORKER
28th November 2013 - 09:30 – 13:30            1 MANAGER & 1 SUPPORT WORKER

LSCP in collaboration with Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute, are offering social care providers the opportunity to participate in a FREE End of Life Training Programme.

For continuity - it is the same staff members attending all sessions, should any individual not attend without prior notification, there will be a charge of £200.00 levied on the organisation


  • To identify and raise awareness of the role of health and social care in supporting people at the end of their life. 
  • To facilitate delivery of person-centred, integrated care at the end of life 


By the end of the training participants will be able to:
  • Understand the factors affecting end of life care 
  • Understand advance care planning in relation to end of life care 
  • Provide support to individuals and key people during end of life care 
  • Manage own feelings in relation to the dying or death of individuals 


You must select 1 Manager and 1 Support Worker who you will nominate as an End of Life Champion for your organisation. This programme is run over 4 days, your selected manager will be asked to attend the first day and your selected support worker will be asked to attend the 2nd & 3rd day. On the fourth day both your manager and support worker will attend the final session.

Should you require more than one opportunity to access the training, we will place any additional bookings onto a reserve list and you will be contacted prior to the event and offered additional bookings.

It is envisaged that after training the manager and staff member will sign up as the End of Life Champions for you organisation.

The emotive subject and experiential content can, by its nature, trigger strong personal emotions. In view of this we suggest that you consider any recent significant or stressful life events, such as a close bereavement, prior to attendance.

All bookings should be made by submitting the appropriate booking form, further information can be found on our website:

Caring for Our Future Consultation

The government is currently consulting people on its plans to reform social care funding. A bill has been drafted setting out how a fairer funding system will help to protect the homes and savings of people who need care and support due to old age or disability.

It is proposed that changes will be implemented from 2015 and 2016 and include setting a cap on the eligible care costs of £72,000 for people of state pension age. There will also be a scheme to prevent people from having to sell their home during their lifetime to pay for care.

The government now wishes to find out more about how the practical aspects of how these changes should be implemented. You can read the full document Caring for our future: consultation on reforming what and how people pay for their care and support on this webpage:

This document is lengthy. However, there is also a leaflet that outlines the main changes. Once you have read about the changes you can complete the online survey. The questions require quite a lot of detail however you can save your responses and continue completing the survey at another time.

You can also email your feedback to or post it directly to:

Caring for our future – Implementing funding reform,
Department of Health,
Area 313B, Richmond House,
79 Whitehall,

The consultation runs until 25 October 2013.

Barry Fearnehough - Integrated IT System

BF joined us to share information about the new IT system called Liquid Logic which is due to be implemented within Liverpool City Council for the tracking and management of Health and Social Care. The new system includes a range of features which should make a big impact on the management of Health and Social Care, not just within in the council but amongst providers and service users.

The Liquidlogic Adults' Social Care System is designed to be used by social workers, professionals in partner agencies (such as health), providers, the third sector and service users and carers.

The system provides flexible and comprehensive functionality to enable the management of contacts, referrals, assessment, plans, care commissioning, personal budgets, self-funders, safeguarding, provider management, financial management and financial assessment, all within logical and easy to navigate work flow, which reflects Local Authorities working practices.

There are integrated solutions for citizen access and interaction with their case, and portals for providing information and signposting.

You can read more of the specifics about the system here:

This new system will also include a 'marketplace' - open to any providers to advertise their services, ownership of the data is left with the provider and the system will allow geographical and complex searches of services for those who are not eligible for funded care.

A wealth of non-IT systems have also been implemented, such as paper based versions of the online forms, and a Healthwatch commissioned telephone service for those uncomfortable using computers to ensure these services can be accessed by all.

Jon Kerr - The Social Care Commitment & Funding Learning

JK joined us to discuss the new Social Care Commitment programme, a voluntary agreement on quality which is facilitated by the Department of Health, ADASS, CQC and Employers.

The Social Care Commitment is different in that it asks both employers and employees to register to provide and all round understanding of the 7 statements of commitment for each group. The information feeds into the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care and NHS Choices.

You can view a copy of the slideshow here: or you can visit

JK also spent some time discussing the different funding currently available in the sector, covering Workforce Development Funding (WDF), Skills Funding Agency Adult Skills Budget and the Skills Funding Agency 24+ loans / loans bursary fund.

You can view a copy of the slideshow here:

Workforce Development Funding

JC provided a brief overview of WDF for the 2013/14 contract. This year, there has been a much bigger uptake than in previous years and we have already spent 50% of the funding currently available to us. We are currently opening negotiations with Skills for Care to see if any further funding may be available.

For more information on WDF please visit

Social Care Champions

The minutes from the Social Care Champions Meeting can be downloaded here:

Any Other Business

Because of the large number of items, we have included the other business as an Appendix. Click here to download the document.

Next Meeting

The proposed date for our next Partnership Meeting is the 4th December 2013, the meetings will begin at 10:00AM and will include the Safeguarding Focus Group and the Dignity Locality Forum.
Rebecca Barker,
Oct 2, 2013, 5:28 AM
Rebecca Barker,
Oct 2, 2013, 5:28 AM