Data Security Protection Toolkit
Research Project

The "It's My Information, Keep It Safe" research project was undertaken by Liverpool Social Care Partnership (LSCP) in 2022 and funded by the Better Security, Better Care programme. The project was commissioned as part of a wider programme of projects all designed to improve data protection and cyber security amongst care providers and those who use care services.

The project asked people if they knew what information their care services kept about them, and if they knew how that information was used and how it was looked after. Additionally, it also asked people how important they thought managing people's information was.

To learn more about the project, the report is available to download as a PDF, or to read on web pages. It is also available in Easy read.

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Participants from Journey supporting the launch

Users of services from Journey Enterprises Ltd. and their family members, as well as staff share the launch of the report at Journey's head office.