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Cyber-attacks are financially devastating and disrupting and upsetting to people and businesses. In light of this ever-increasing threat, Liverpool Social Care Partnership (LSCP), have been awarded a grant to support north west care providers on their data security journey as part of the national Better Security, Better Care programme.

The programme will help you to evaluate and improve your data and cyber security. This means you can reassure the people you support, their families, your staff, commissioners, regulators, and health and care partners, that you are following good practice – and meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

LSCP’s main focus, is to help you to understand the importance of data and cyber security and to complete an annual, online self-assessment using the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT).

Our sessions are set out as below, they can be completed in any order however recommend attending the Introductory Webinar if you are not already registered on the toolkit:

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This is for organisations at the very start of their journey with the Toolkit, or staff who are new to this role. We will explore

  • What is the Toolkit?

  • Why should we register?

  • What does it offer?

  • How will it benefit my company?

Session 1: Getting Started & Staffing

  • Registering for the toolkit

  • Accessing your ODS code

  • Completing the questions around your staffing and their roles

  • Importance of cyber security training for your workforce

  • It may also help to define who has organisational responsibility for data security.

Session 2:
Policies & Procedures

  • Accessing supporting evidence, which enables you to complete the questions within this section.

  • Reviewing policy templates that you can adopt or help you check your own policies are current.

  • Ensuring that you have the evidence to show your organisation is compliant with current legislation

  • Reviewing the Information Commissioner’s guidance

Session 3:
Data Security

  • Reviewing how your organisation does all it can to ensure good practice in Data Protection

  • Exploring the physical controls around data

  • Reviewing staff training and exploring their understanding of their responsibilities around data protection.

  • Examining Data breaches and how we report and handle them

Session 4: I.T. Devices & Systems

  • Reviewing organisational firewalls and antivirus software (If your staff work from home, do they have firewall protection)

  • Reviewing staff using their personal phones, tablets or laptops for work use

  • Exploring how your organisation controls personal data

  • Examining how staff access organisational IT systems

Free Training for Staff / Senior Managers

FREE Staff Training: Cyber Security & Data Protection

This FREE staff training is available to organisations that have completed and published the toolkit to Standards Met and have attended our DSPT training.

This training helps ensure your staff understand;

  • The potential consequences of cyber crime

  • Current Data Protection Legislation

  • The importance of Data Security to service user care

FREE Training for Directors & Senior Managers: Information Governance

This course is FREE for Directors & Senior Managers of your organisation and available once you have completed and published the DSPT. This session lasts 3.5 hours long.

You will have the opportunity to discuss and evaluate the following;

  • Confidentiality and the Caldicott Principles

  • Data Protection

  • Freedom of Information

  • Subject Access requests

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