Data Security Protection Toolkit

As your local support organisation for the Better Security, Better Care programme we have assembled a list of resources below that you may find helpful when completing your
Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSPT).

These resources include policy templates, guidance and other documents/website that will benefit you when completing your organisations DSP Toolkit.

In order to demonstrate the process of completing the Toolkit, LSCP has completed and published our DSPT and recorded ourselves doing so. The process is spread over the four videos below to give you an idea of what sort of answers are expected.

Your answers may be very different to ours as we are a charitable incorporated corporation and do not deliver care. Please note that these videos are for demonstration purposes only and are not intended to cover all possible scenarios, each Toolkit answer will be unique to each organisation.

Getting Started.mp4

Session 1: Getting Started & Staffing

Policies & Procedures.mp4

Session 2: Policies & Procedures

Data Security.mp4

Session 3: Data Security

IT Devices & Systems.mp4

Session 4: IT Devices & Systems

Contact your Local DSPT Helpline;

Tel. 0151 270 1703 Mob. 07745 888199 Email: